Rookie Schedule

Rookie Schedule 2018

  Locations Game Time 6:00-7:30pm   Practice
Date Rosedale Grandview Normandeau Bower W Bower C Deerpark ME St.Theresa Clearview EE LTN LTS MW
May-08 1v2 3v4 5v13 6v14 7v15 8v16 17v20 18v19     9v10 11v12  
May-10 1v20 2v19 3v18 4v17 5v7 6v8 9v12 10v11     13v14 15v16  
May-15 16v1 15v2 14v3 13v4 12v5 11v6 10v7 8v9 17v18     19v20  
May-17 2v20 4v19 8v18 9v11 10v12 13v15 6v17 14v16   1v3   5v7  
May-22 1v5 3v7 9v12 10v13 11v14 15v18 16v20 17v19   2v4   6v8  
May-24 3v20 4v19 5v18 6v17 7v16 8v14 1v10 12v2 9v11     13v15  
May-29 20v9 19v8 18v7 17v6 15v1 13v2 11v5 4v3   10v12   14v16  
May-31 2v16 11v4 5v12 6v13 7v10 8v20 9v14 15v18   17 19 1 3
Jun-05 1v6 3v8 5v19 7v17 9v12 10v14 11v15 13v16 18   20 2 4
Jun-07 10v20 18v3 19v2 16v1 15v4 6v12 14v8 7v11   5 9 13 17
Jun-12 11v1 12v2 13v3 20v4 15v7 19v9 17v5 16v8   6 10 14 18
Jun-14 1v14 2v16 3v17 4v18 5v13 6v12 8v10 9v20   7 11 15 19
Jun-19 1v17 2v13 18v5 3v15 7v14 4v11 6v10 9v19   8 12 16 20
Jun-21 1v14 2v15 3v10 4v16 5v20 6v12 7v17 19v11 8v13 9v18      
Jun-26 5v6 7v8 9v10 11v12 13v14 15v16 17v18 19v20   1 2 3 4
Jun-28 1v9 2v10 3v11 4v12 13v15 14v16 17v19 18v20   5 6 7 8
EE Eastview Estates-Ellenwood Drive and Excel Street                      
LTN Lindsay Thurber North-42a Avenue and 55 Street                    
LTS Lindsay Thurber South-42a Avenue and 55 Street                    
ME Montford East-52 Avenue and 62 Street                      
MW Montford West-52 Avenue and 62 Street                      
Rosedale Ramsey Avenue and Randolph Street                        
Grandview 46 Street and 41 Avenue                        
Normandeau Nurse Street and Norton Avenue                        
Bower Center Boyce Street and Baker Avenue                        
Bower West Boyce Street and Baker Avenue                        
Deerpark Douglas Avenue and Duston Street                        
St. Theresa Glendale Blvd.                        
Clearview 40th Ave South (Past the Dump)                        


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